Corpotate Social Responsibility

Jai Bharat Steel, like many other business sectors today, takes its corporate social responsibilities (CSR) very seriously. The scope of CSR activities is far-reaching; it’s about how well your businesses, plants and production sites manage and integrates the needs of their local community. How well they support employees through family-friendly working conditions, respect for their health, well-being, & their efforts to reduce environmental impact by reducing industrial waste and using less energy.

As a policy, Jai Bharat Steel takes care of its CSR by promoting and encouraging economic, social and environmental development within its communities while also giving active support to local initiatives.

We understand and take our responsibility of providing basic facilities like roads, parks, sewage and sanitation, healthcare schemes. Every year funds are being released towards such development activities and the overall process runs under the aegis of Jai Bharat Steel CSR activities. The company has taken initiative of providing free education to poor children and children of blue colored workers.

With safety, health and environment protection high on its corporate strategic agenda, Jai Bharat Steel is committed to conduct business with a strong environment conscience, so as to ensure sustainable development, safe work places and enrichment of the quality of life of its employees, customers and the community.